Accident response guide

For Serious Automobile Accidents in Mexico

1. Secure Your Safety and Call 911

Provide first aid, focus on the most serious injuries at the accident scene, and stay off the roadway. Call 911; it’s the same number in Mexico.

2. Document Evidence

Use a camera or your phone to photograph the scene, witnesses and IDs, and all vehicle and equipment damage. Take video statements and videos of the scene if possible

Call us 24/7 for next steps, and send copies of any evidence you have documented. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING ON SCENE that includes a statement of liability, settlement, causation, etc.

Accident Response Guide

download a copy to keep in your vehicle

Keep a copy of this guide on hand with your Document Checklist to ensure that all necessary information is accessible in case of an emergency. 

1. Get off the road and stay off the road.

Many accidents and subsequent injuries and fatalities are caused by people staying on the roadway. Vehicles at night and in other low visibility cannot maneuver fast enough to avoid people, debris, or other vehicles on the roadway.

2. Call 911. Secure your safety and then the safety of all others in your party

Immediately call 911 (Mexico and the USA both use the standard 911 phone number). Stay focused on the most serious injuries in your incident. Follow the Red Cross Emergency Guide to provide immediate treatment for bleeding, burns, and persons requiring CPR. If you are reading this guide in preparation for your trip, print a copy of the Red Cross Guide to keep in your vehicle. 

3. Take pictures of EVERYTHING at the scene

Document your situation using a camera or your phone, taking pictures of:

  • All vehicles from every angle
  • Injured parties
  • Objects that came off the any of the vehicles, were hit by the vehicles, or caused either party to swerve or deviate from the road
  • Any visible skid marks or other roadway markings
  • Ambient conditions, signage, rest positions of vehicles, and landmarks showing exactly where the accident took place
  • The complete accident scene with a full video (if possible) showing all vehicles, persons, and surrounding landmarks in relation to each other
  • Identifying information of all people involved, including license plates and drivers licenses

4. Document witnesses and their statements

Get the names of all witnesses and photograph a copy of their drivers licenses on your phone. If possible, take short videos of their statements.

5. Document broken or defective equipment

If there is a possibility that accident had to do with defective tires, products, or another defective component on your vehicle, make sure to take various photographs  to memorialize and record the potential evidence at hand. Even if the incident was potentially caused by others fault or perhaps their vehicle’s products, tires or components, it is very important to document or record these things for the protection of your rights and liberties.

Call MXO Legal immediately and send us any aforementioned pictures of the accident, any documents, police records and reports, and witness statements. MXO Legal will advise you on how to properly proceed and retain appropriate legal counsel in the US and in Mexico.

7. Protect Your Rights

Do not sign any attorney retention agreement, liability or causation statement, or insurance settlement statements documents with anyone. Signing anything of this nature will severely impede and negatively affect any possibility of preserving your rights.

What to expect after an accident

  1. Most likely, medical first responders and an ambulance will be the first to arrive.
  2. Witnesses will likely remain on scene to ensure that all involved parties are OK. At this point, it is important to get names, pictures of IDs and video statements if possible.
  3. Mexican Federal Police will arrive promptly and begin to ensure the safety of all involved and to prevent further incidents in traffic in and around the accident since most accidents happen on freeways.
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